Radio DOC is a radio station that is based on the collaboration of different collaborators, speakers, DJs, ITs, journalists and guests. Born from Muro Giuffrè’s passion for radio and communication, in just a few years Radio DOC has become a stable reality of Sicilian radio. The start was almost a joke, but now the professional attitude is aimed to give to the listeners a good music selection. The young target, open to different sounds, meets a great variety of genres for true music lovers. All this with a great show selection. Tuning on Radio DOC means having fun, curiosities, analysis and news. Radio DOC’s news local editions give updates and the freshest news from the editorial board 98zero.com. The new headquarters have opened to a new chapter of their history. Two direction studios, one recording room, new technologies give a look on a new dimension of the best audio and video quality.

Radio DOC supports and promotes 6LIBERA, promoted by CONFAPI Sicily and by some of the most important productive, economical and educational realities in the country.

For 4 moths from September 11th to December 11th 2021 Radio DOC will produce and air a show of analysis on harassment and violence at work, in collaboration with CONFAPI Sicily and titled “6Libera”. Every of the 14 episodes will last 1 hour and they will air every Saturday morning with a special episode on November 25th, the International Day against violence on women.

Giuseppe Spignola, journalist and speaker, will lead the show, with the special participation of Dhebora Mirabelli, CONFAPI Sicily president and promoter of 6LIBERA.

6Libera is the first radio show in Italy completely dedicated on juridical analysis on a theme too often considered a taboo.

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